About Us

Hi, welcome to my store!

My name is Nichole and I began my journey making sugar scrubs in 2009! As a licensed nail technician I was buying Sugar Scrubs that I wasn't completely satisfied with and there I was researching how to make my own. I began making scrubs to use with my pedicures and my clients loved it!! Soooo, the next bright idea was to package and sell them. Why not feel just as great home, but for the whole body! My scrubs leave your skin feeling silky, smooth and extra clean. 

When I was a young girl my mother told me my name was suppose to be pronounced differently than the traditional Nichole. But of course I liked what I had known for so many years.

 (Ni'Chole) Body Treats pronounced Nigh-Khol is in memory of my mom. 

Over time I got more interested in body products and the care for your skin that I began adding to my line. Whipped Shea Butter was next in line and followed by more.

I use natural ingredients, essential oils, fragrance oils, mica powders and some bases. Each product is handmade and in compliance with FDA regulations . I will continue to give you quality products and once again Thank You!!