Sugar so Sweet... It's a Body Treat

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where Quality comes first!!

Our Treats are made with our hands (get it? "Handmade" 😁 okay back to description) using natural ingredients, essential oils, fragrance oils & mica powders. Safe for most skin types.

  • Cancer Surviver 🤗

    Customer Review

    Cancer Surviver used Not Just Cuticle Oil on skin to relieve burning after Chemotherapy.

  • Customer Review

    Not only will your skin feel amazing and moisturized after using my Sugar Scrub you can keep your skin glowing and smelling like a lemon drop with Whipped Shea Butter!

  • Customer Review

    You can have Soft Skin Too!!

  • Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

    Ni'Chole Body Treats was established in 2009 with Handmade Sugar Scrubs and has evolved to bring more Treats to you.

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