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Ni’Chole Body Treats

Not Just Cuticle Oil

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What started out as an oil for cuticles became an oil for many purposes, whence came the name "Not Just Cuticle Oil." I call this my miracle oil containing all natural oils suited for Hair, Skin, Nails.

One of the many benefits of this oil includes Geranium Essential Oil which is great for Acne, dermatitis, inflammatory skin conditions due to it's anti-inflammatory properties.

Not Just Cuticle Oil can be used on dry scalp to relieve itching. Relieves soreness from tightness of braids.

A facial Serum to lightly moisturize skin, and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Non Clogging which is great for helping with acne.

A cuticle conditioner on nails.

Relieves Insect bites, cuts and burns.

Relieves irritation of skin conditions such as cellulitis, eczema, psoriasis and boils.





Please consult with Physician/Specialist before use if you have allergies or certain skin conditions.



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